PETs Adoption Guide

PETs Adoption Guide

The Adoption Guide below is a question-based flowchart to aid decision-makers in thinking through which of the PETs discussed on this site may be useful in their projects.

The guide aims not to be overly prescriptive and does not claim to cover all use cases of PETs. Rather, it seeks to support decision-making around the use of PETs by helping the user explore which technologies could be beneficial to their use case. Whether a particular PET provides a suitable solution will depend on the specific context, and results from the Guide should be read as suggestions to explore rather than definitive solutions.

It is also important to understand that using an individual PET does not in itself guarantee an improvement in privacy unless accompanied by a good overall privacy design, and appropriate governance arrangements. You can explore good practices for sharing and processing data here.

Using the guide

  • The guide is primarily aimed at technical architects and product owners working on projects that involve the sharing or processing of sensitive information.
  • Answer the questions that appear in the decision tree by clicking on the box containing the appropriate answer. Do this until you reach an end node which will suggest which PETs you might consider using.
  • Each end node can be clicked to lead to a page that describes the suggested PET, highlights important limitations of the PET that should be considered, and signposts relevant technical resources and example use cases from the repository.
  • You can explore the whole decision tree structure by clicking to expand the various different nodes in the tree.
  • Click and drag within the black box to pan through the tree diagram, and use your mouse wheel or trackpad to zoom in and out.

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